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Muffin GN [1]
Family:Sadie Kane (owner)
Date of Birth:Not known
Physical Description
Age:Not Reavealed
Hair Color:Gold with spots
Eye Color:Yellow
Appears In:1

Muffin was Sadie's pet and an Egyptian Mau who hosted the cat goddess Bast.


Muffin's age was not revealed, but Sadie has owned Muffin for six years, during which she was the host for Bast. Carter noted that Muffin never seemed to age or grow. Muffin was given to Sadie by her father, Dr. Julius Kane

The Red Pyramid

Muffin is first seen when being thrown inside the Faust's home when Sadie meets Carter at the door. When Sadie tries to enter Brooklyn House, Muffin puts up a fight until Amos says she could enter. The next day, when the Serpopards attack, Sadie asks Muffin for help. Then, Muffin seems to explode. Bast is then seen standing in her place. Muffin's life is at stake when Bast combats Sobek, and Bast sacrifices herself to protect Muffin as well as the Kane siblings. After being saved from the side of the river, Khufu took her back to Brooklyn House. Upon Bast's resurrection, Muffin becomes her host once again. Muffin is mentioned quite a few times later, but has not appeared after Bast's resurrection.


Muffin has a yellow and black leopard-like coat, golden eyes, and pointy ears. A silver pendant of Bast dangles from her collar.


  • Sadie used to bring Muffin everywhere with her.
  • Muffin was gifted to Sadie by Julius Kane, Sadie's father.
  • Muffin turned out to be Bast, the goddess of cats.
  • Muffin never changes appearance as she ages.

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